Learning Material for MCA IGNOU

The finalized book should meet the following guidelines

  1. Should be concise (giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive).
  2. Wording should be precise, specific and explicit (no room for confusion or doubt) without repetition.
  3. Content should be elaborative/descriptive.
  4. Text explanation should be linked with figures and graphics.
  5. Text should be linked with references.
  6. Compilation of different online resources and links are shared in the book.
  7. Explaining abstract, intangible concepts with concrete examples and analogies.
  8. Examples and analogies should agree with rules of concepts.
  9. Examples data should be based on evidence, includes reasoning that link the example and concept, realistic, ideally suited without creating ambiguity. Anecdotes should be avoided if it's not precisely suited.
  10. Enough solved and unsolved problems with increasing complexity for a particular concept to deepen students understanding.

You can give your important comments using triple square brackets [[[ ]]]

e.g. [[[This is a comment]]]

Please comment near the text, in case of doubts, errors, difficulty in comprehension or questions, so that the text is scrutinized, verified and refined through peer feedback

You can also give inline comments for discussion
inline comments

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